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The MYD Show : 27 – What Makes You Come Alive

Who are the people and what are the things that make you come alive? How can you live each day to move closer to those things? What idea or dream do you need to try out?

What makes you comes alive is your passion and when you follow your passion the rewards are incredible.
In this episode of MYD we looked what makes you come alive because the world needs more people that have come alive.

Joining us in studio we had Abigail Bachopi the director and co-found of Family of Hope Services, a centre for children based in Katutura that helps over 450 orphans and vulnerable children by providing them with care, education and a meal a day. We were also joined by Ashwyn Mberi a successful performing artist, poet and television presenter and MC in Namibia.

Listen to the full episode of the MYD Show on What Makes You Come Alive, here: