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How Zenzi Got Her Groove Back

This week we caught up with Zenzi Awases. Who is one of four MiLife New Year New Me competition winners. Zenzi won a 2 year MiLife membership and a Garmin fitness device worth N$8000.

Here are extracts from her journal for the first few weeks of her MiLife New Me journey.

“How the hell did I become the FAT girl? Like how? For the past 5 years I am wearing between size 14 and 16. It however seems like size 18 is creeping up slowly.

I acknowledge that I am FAT! My ass is big. My belly looks like I am six months pregnant. My thighs! My arms (claps hands in dismay)! Nothing would work without me acknowledging that I have a problem. So I am doing something about it.

The MiLife New Year New Me competition was godsend and it seems the Gods were on my side as I was selected as one of four winners.

My goal is to be healthy again. When I am healthy again I will automatically achieve my overall goal: FIT IN A SIZE 10/12 dress.

Just as I am about to embark on my MiLife New Me journey, I find out I have to go to sea. I raised my concern with Stefan (the MiLife Biokineticist) and he calmly tells me I have nothing to worry about. He crafts a workout plan based on my memory of the gym equipment. Armed with my nutrition as well as workout plan, my heart is much lighter and I feel quite excited to start my MiLife New Me journey.

Day 1 goes well but I realize, almost immediately, that I can’t complete the fitness program because the vessel does not have most of the workout equipment, but I am determined to do the rest. My nutritional plan is on point, because everything is provided – I just need to be aware of portion control😬😬

Everything starts going south by day 3! There is an emergency on the vessel and I am all up in there! I don’t sleep and I eat at weird hours. My body is just not used to this. Needless to say, week 1 did not end well!

Finally, on dry land in week 2 and I meet up with Stefan, who agrees that I may continue with my other workout regimen while training with Milife as well. Meaning, I committed to working out 4 times a week.

By the end of the week, I discover pain in areas I did not think had muscle. I am beaming with motivation though and excited about the awesome team behind me. Even as my eating habits gnaw at me.

Week 3 is Easter…All that food and I will be missing out on my my training because of the public holidays (enemy of progress). On Tuesday the workout was hectic but not that bad and my body seems to be getting used to the torture.

On Thursday, I have another session with Stefan which somehow coincides with me having a rough day at work.  Just for me to discover that I did not pack my entire workout outfit. I packed everything but my tights. Stefan being Stefan than says, “then we’ll do 20 minutes on the treadmill while you tell me about your terrible day”. Such support! I am happy to be part of this team and I look forward to getting my groove back and rocking that size 10/12 dress.”

If you are thinking of embarking on a new lifestyle journey, register with MiLife today for N$150 per month for 24 months. Visit www.milife.na or call +264 81 829 511 for more information today.