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The MYD Show – Independent Connection – Magic Moments

The Magic Moments episode from the MYD series, Independent Connection. Here we look back at the series, and the many voices that gave insight into the strength of connection, and how this enables freedom and independence.

“If you humble yourself and choose to uplift and serve others in the process, through that, you will be uplifted. For me that is what connecting is all about.” ~ Odile Muller

From a young Namibian awarded in the top 30 most inspirational young people on the African Continent, on how the heights you reach in your life has nothing to do with your circumstances, to a Meditation Coach, on how to connect with ourselves and why this is empowerment.

“I think that even connections you might see as a negative or as positive, those are things that we attribute to that connection. We say that this was a good or a bad connection with someone or something, but that connection is still there, that interaction still happened. To just be blind to those connections and not look at how they make you feel or what they teach you or what they teach the other person, is to really go though life with blinkers on, that if you took off could aid with your self knowledge and your knowledge of other people.” ~ Gina Figueira

In this episode of the MYD Show we recap on the series, through the highlights heard from actresses, professors, curators, conscious social developers, musicians and more.

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