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Fortune’s MiLife New Year New Me Journey

For the next three months we will be following Fortune Kangueehi’s MiLife New Year, New Me Journey. Fortune is the Marketing Director and Partner at 99FM. She is also a Masterchef South Africa Season 1 top 18 finalist and a celebrity chef.

Not only is she a celebrity chef and entrepreneur but she is also a mother of 3 and has now embarked on making lifestyle changes with MiLife.

We caught up with the bubbly personality to find out what she experienced upon registering with MiLife.

“My goal is to lose weight, shed those love handles, take up running again and create and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, and oh those Michele Obama arms!.”

Once you register with MiLife a consultant calls you to schedule a full assessment test; which is conducted by the in-house Biokineticist.

“During the test Stephan Ackermann (Biokineticist) and I discussed my current non-active lifestyle (don’t judge me), how to improve my fitness level, my gym membership, what my current diet comprises of and what it means to have a balanced diet’.

“When I walked into the assessment room it looked a little like a torture room but it turns out it wasn’t a CIA interrogation room at all. Stephan is very nice. He made me feel comfortable and he really gives you the feeling that he really wants to help you achieve your goal. He explained everything to me in detail and how it all works.”

“I got on the scale and to my horror, I weight 81.2kg! This was followed by testing my body composition. A little clamp here and a pinch there to measure my fat percentage. It didn’t hurt, I was just not ready to admit to myself what my fat percentage is. Which to my dismay is 41.7%! My lean body mass versus my body mass is 30.1kg/51.1. My waist hip ratio is 0.9 and apparently 0.8 and lower is safe for women. So I’m kinda treading on dangerous territory there, I guess.”

The Biokineticist also conducted tests for glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and height. “There is a new machine that actually does all of that. All I had to do was stand on it, and Stephan uses it to compare the results.”

The aim is for Fortune to loose 500g per week to reach her intended weight range of 68kg to 70kg. The biokineticist provided her with a 4-day (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday) training programme which she can do at her preferred gym. It entails walking 20 minutes, circuit training and cycling for 10 minutes on Monday. The program gets increased every two weeks and once a week she can go to the MiLife practice at LLPPH for Stephan to see if she’s still on track.

On Wednesday the training comprises of 5 minute rowing, 5 minute stepper, 5 minute walking, 5 minute cycling, 5 minute orbitrek, 5 minute arm bike and the session ends with detoxification of the body in the steam room.

On Thursday’s, Fortune has to do a 20-minute walk, circuit training and cycle for 10 minutes. On Monday’s and Thursday’s she has to workout for 45 minutes. On Saturdays, the training comprises of swimming as many laps as she can with the aim of adding two laps every Saturday.

The purpose of the programme is to activate all of Fortune’s muscle groups, get her familiar with the gym and equipment. The Biokineticist encouraged her to take her time and to recover between the exercises.

“Stephan encouraged me to take it slow, light and easy. He wants me to leave the gym feeling great instead of being discouraged to continue if it is too extreme. So I am going to take it SLOW AND EASY.”

We will be catching up with Fortune in a few weeks to see how her MiLife New Year New Me journey is going.

Congratulations to Zenzi Awases, Abelene Boer, Heather Kaakunga (Harker), Charmaine Kelao Neumbo who won the MiLiFe New Year New Me Competition-we look forward to following their journeys as well.

If you have a new lifestyle goal you want to attain, register with MiLife by visiting www.milife.na or simply call +264 81 829 5111 today.