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MiLife New Me – Keep On Keeping On…

Fortune Kangueehi has been on her MiLife New Me journey for the past 8 weeks and we touched base with her to find out how she is fairing.

Here is an extract from her MiLife New Me journal.

“So it’s been roughly 8 weeks since the start of my journey. In the last couple of weeks, I hit this slump where I literally had to drag myself to training and I complained throughout the whole session. The funny thing is, I always feel great afterwards so I didn’t miss a session.

During one of the sessions whilst doing crunches, I injured my back and had to tone things down for a while so that meant I just did cardio (om vetjies te brand – bless my trainer) and no strength exercises.

Thereafter I went on holiday with a group of friends to Drakensberg. I packed my gym bag picturing myself hiking before breakfast. Yeah right, that didn’t happen.

Once back to reality, I went back to gym with the program Stephan gave me for the week. I however only managed to do one session before getting a horrible flu and my doctor said no exercise until I’ve recuperated.

So here I am, feeling like I’ve lost my mojo. I am waiting to get better so that I can get back into it. Usually this would be the point where I give up because the initial excitement is gone and my body has become accustomed to not working out – so I might as well.

Well guess what? Not this time. I’ve worked too hard and seen what my body is capable of and more importantly what it can look like, so there is no way I’m stopping now.

Plus I can’t let my partner MiLife down. They’ve been with me on this journey from the start, cheering me on while I get stronger, healthier and fitter. As soon as I am rid of this damn flu I’m going all guns blazing. Watch this space!”

Keep on keeping on Fortune. We applaud you for your determination and perseverance.

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