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The MYD Show – A Mind of My Own with Melissa Mukaiwa

As we continue to uncover the power of the mind and what it is to own our own thoughts, in the series A Mind of My Own, we sat down with Melissa Mukaiwa.

Melissa studied meditation at a Monastery in Thailand and since her return has been raising awareness for meditation in Namibia. In this episode of the MYD Show, Melissa joins us in studio to share tools that help conquer negative thoughts or calm the mind.

“When you consider, what are thoughts and what is the role that they play in our lives, you see that before anything gets actualised, before we make it real in our lives, everything starts off as a thought. Its starts off as an idea. Some of those thoughts and ideas, we have control over and some of those thoughts and ideas, we pick them up based on the context and environments we’ve grown up in. Here you need to have a conversation about the different levels of mind and this is quite complex but just to simplify we have what’s called our conscious mind and we have our subconscious mind.”

In this episode of the MYD Show, we uncover :

  • How the conscious mind and subconscious mind function and how this knowledge can empower us
  • Why meditation has become a tool the world over for help in selecting thoughts
  • How this information puts us in the drivers seat of our lives

Listen to the MYD Show, the Series a Mind of My Own with Melissa Mukaiwa, here :