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The MYD Show – We Are Because of One Another – Magic Moments

The Magic Moments episode from the MYD series, We Are Because of One Another. Here we look back at the golden moments from the series, the magic, the learning and the many voices that shared their journey with us.

“People need people. You have your dreams, you have your goals, you have your values. But people need people. And if you remember that people need people then you will start to value the people around you. When you value the people around you, the more they grow and the more you grow” – Ashwyn Mberi

From Namibians working with Syrian refugees, to role models who have helped shape conservation in Namibia, from politicians to performing artists, this episode of the MYD Show reminds us that happiness is increased and burdens lessened, when shared.

 “I love ubuntu; connectedness; and from my perspective the rawness; because we are all really just human. As much as we try to point out our differences, I like to go back to the emotion because we all feel it the same way. I think we just need to be a little more open; a little more honest; a little more authentic.” – Nelao Nengola

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