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MiLife – No Pain, No Gain

We caught up with Fortune Kangueehi, to find out how the first three weeks of her MiLife New Me journey is going.

Here are extracts from her workout journal.

“So I officially started with the training programme this week:

Day 1: 20-minute treadmill walk, 10-minutes cycling and 15-minute circuit – I find out that circuit doesn’t exist anymore so I replace that with the cross trainer.

At the end of it I feel great, broke a sweat but it feels good☺

Day 2: 5-minutes each of – row, stepper, walk, cycling, orbitrek and arm bike then the steam room.

Sounds easy enough, except I don’t do steam rooms. Besides the fact that I cannot breathe, I am bit of a germophobe and cannot even get myself to use the gym showers. Need I say more?

I start with the rowing – no problem feeling quite powerful.

Cycling – no problem, done this before.

Walking – easy-peasy.

Orbitrek (cross trainer) – really sweating and feeling it by now but no problem. I keep at it.

Arm bike – I feel the burn but really want those Michele Obama arms, or should I say Uejaa Kazondunge? (Well done partner!).

Stepper – Here things get super intense! I just cannot get the hang of this damn thing and I cannot stay up. I’m sure I look like a baby giraffe at this point. I think I get the hang of it in the last 30 seconds of the 5 minutes.

Afterwards I feel ok, bit it feels like it was a bit more than day 1 and I have to hold onto the railing on my way down because my knees are a little bit shaky.

I opt for an Epsom salt bath (in the comfort of my home) instead of the steam room and I’m so knackered that I barely manage to have dinner before I fall asleep just after 8pm.

The next day I have aches and pain in muscles I didn’t even know existed and I feel rather destroyed. While packing my gym bag, I’m thinking “this can’t be right, how can I possibly be expected to do this again today?”

I shall forge on and conquer because I owe it to myself and as they say, no pain no gain and best of all I have conquered my fear of using gym equipment!

The second week, I was in Johannesburg for work, but still stayed committed to keeping active. I ran/walked on Tuesday, I estimate about 3.5 km. On Thursday I searched youtube for a high intensity workout and ended up with an instructor who looks like a model with hair blowing in the wind (like I’m watching a Beyonce video), who damn near killed me, but I completed the workout!

I ran/walked again on Saturday injuring my ankle in the process (weak ligaments, from a dancing in heels injury last year).

I believe the programme is working as I’ve noticed weight loss and a loss in centimetres. I’m feeling lighter, more energetic and in control.

I’m waiting for my updated program for week 3 and I’m ready to forge on and get healthy and sexy.”

We applaud Fortune for her commitment and determination. We will be touching base with her in a few weeks to find out how she is faring.

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