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The MYD Show – Passion and Action

Being mindful of our own inner knowing – connecting with our passion and balancing our mind is the essence of igniting passion with action. The Master Your Destiny Show has been looking at the head, our minds and mind-sets and how to develop ourselves mentally; we’ve also looked at passion and how to listen to the calling of your heart.

With this in mind, MYD took a look at how to ensure your head and heart is in alignment. To discuss this and more, MYD was this week joined in studio by Elise Heikkinen-Johnstone, a Heal Your Life® Practitioner & Coach.

We were also joined by Namibia’s only full time professional astronomer, whose story is one of turning passion into action and turn dreams into reality. Rob Johnstone also shared with us a bit about the beautiful Namibian night sky.

Listen to the full episode of the Master Your Destiny Show on Passion and Action, here: