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Loving Yourself into a Great Year

With the new year, comes resolutions for a year that will bring the things we want. However, the strength and the courage to go after your dreams, comes from loving yourself. So as the new year begins, 99FM’s MYD Heart spoke to Heal Your Life® Practitioners and Life Coaches, Rob Johnstone & Elise Heikkinen-Johnstone, to find out how we can transform our resolutions into something powerful, possible and something we can maintain throughout the year.

Rob and Elise, share their first hand experience on how loving yourself is a powerful why to achieve your goals this year.

Loving Yourself into a Great Year by Rob Johnstone & Elise Heikkinen-Johnstone

As we enter into a new year, many of us look to making the so called new year resolutions, where we try to set new goals for the new year. Be it, wanting to be fitter, wanting to lose some weight, wanting to save some money, wanting to drink or eat less………we have all done it.

But by trying to change ourselves in some way, we can never be truly happy. When we attach happiness to a goal that we plan to achieve in the future, it will always remain exactly so, in the future.

Our encouragement to you is to set yourself only one New Year’s resolution “I love and approve of myself” and the rest will fall into place.

Very few of us have put down a New Year’s resolution that reads “I love myself more” or “I love myself as I am right now”. Losing weight, getting fitter, eating and drinking less all work hand in hand with loving ourselves, yet we never physically say it, which would then imply that we actually do not love ourselves. We feel that we are fat, lazy and uninspired.

We have personally seen an enormous change in our own lives for the better by telling ourselves  “I love you and I approve of you”. This is by no way vain in any sense, but is a confirmation that you are treating yourself as number one and that you are willing to make yourself happy above and before anyone else.

Whitney Houston sang a song about the greatest love of all which is being able to love yourself. So as the New Year is here, we have a choice to focus more on ourselves and affirm that we are going to be having a great New Year full of love, prosperity and abundance.

What we think and say both consciously and unconsciously will manifest itself: the Law of Attraction works both ways, negative and positive. If you are thinking positive thoughts and imagining those thoughts as being real right now, then they will be positive. If your thinking is mostly on the negative side, then it will be negative things that manifest. The Law of Attraction gives only what you affirm, it can only be that way.

So our wish is that you choose to stop being negative towards yourself and others. Rather choose to be more positive and loving and the Universe will bring to you positivity and love into your life. So affirm to yourself right now that you love yourself and that you deserve the best and so it will be.

Therefore, love yourself into the New Year, be willing to be kinder to yourself, stop criticising and beating yourself up, and we are absolutely positive that the New Year will be great. The more that you love aaeaaqaaaaaaaamvaaaajdi5ogy2nwrmltnmnzgtndzizi1iywy5ltgyzmq1zwnkmmm3zqyourself, the more good will come to you.

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