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The MYD Show – A Mind of My Own with Charine Glen-Spyron

As we continue to explore the power of the mind, in this episode of the MYD Show Charine Glen-Spyron joined us in studio. Charine is a Clinical Psychologist, Founder and CEO of the new Namibian mental health clinic, Bel Esprit. Charine shares here the stats regarding mental health in Namibia, the warning signs, the myths and so much more.

“Mental health is something that people tend to hide away from, so they don’t always report mental health symptoms, but the ones that we have found from the World Health Organisation indicated that last year, in 2016, 239 per 100 000 people were admitted for psychiatric in-patient treatment. That’s about 7000 people in our population. If you think about it that is quite a significant amount of people being recorded and being treated for mental health. This also didn’t include adolescents and also other mental health conditions which were out-patient treatment and I think that added up to about 85 000 people being treated in 2016 for mental health conditions.”

Bel Esprit is a new mental health clinic based in Windhoek, a Namibian driven company which will offer in- and out-patient services by leading Namibian practitioners including psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers.

“Go to your nearest health care provider, whether that is your GP, a psychologist, a social worker or an occupational therapist. Go and speak to someone to have your symptoms addressed and analysed and then get yourself a treatment plan. If it is significant enough, those professionals should be able to guide you into the next step.”

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