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Tired? Try a Little Zest

A zest for life is described as a major contributor to a person’s sense of life satisfaction. Yet at this time of year, it’s harder than normal to call upon zest when zest entails energy and excitement. Zest though is a powerful energiser itself and worthy of cultivating because of it’s association with a persons wellbeing. 99FM’s MYD Heart spoke Rob Johnstone, a man with great zest for life, whose name on the planet Mars after he did work for NASA, who founded Space Observation Learning Namibia and who inspired us on MYD with his passion for the the Namibian night sky (Read the article here) Rob is now also a Heal Your Life® Practitioner & Coach about to co-host his first personal development workshop in Windhoek.

“Having a passion so deep within your soul IS passion for life. My astronomy work is not a job or a chore that has to be done, it is my calling in life it is the reason why I am here, it is my passion that I do with my heart and soul and not just for financial gain. To me there is no more rewarding pleasure than seeing and hearing how people react when seeing a planet, star cluster, nebula or galaxy for the first time in a telescope.” Explains Rob

Up Start Success notes that, “As children, passion invigorates our minds. As we get older these endless pools of passion have the potential to dry out as adulthood sets in. The weight of daily life can be taxing. Circumstances, experiences and influences all have the potential to rob us of our zest for life.” Read their article here

For tips on increasing your happiness by adding zest to your life, read Positive Living’s Article here or Greater Good’s Reasons to Cultivate Zest here

Passion being something that drives a zest for life, it makes sense then that doing what you love, ignites zest. “Teaching people about our galaxy and the Universe gives me the opportunity to give back to the Universe which was given to me by the Universe the day I was created.” Says Rob who adds, “To me my astronomy work and the Heal Your Life Teaching go hand in hand because one can see the universe and one can also feel the universe. When people ask me why do I do the Heal Your Life teaching my answer is simple, I inspire and motivate people to free their minds, so that you can live a more abundant life as you have always wanted and deserve. This also has a profound bearing on how you live your own relationships, because, this effects all aspects of your life.”

Adding to the many reasons to look for the things that give you a zest for life, Rob explains, “Doing what you really enjoy or passionately enjoy also makes your personal relationships with your spouse or partner stronger, because when one is happy in body and spirit one is open to love.”

Rob’s wife Elise Heikkinen-Johnstone is also a Heal Your Life® Practitioner & Coach. When asked how the couple manage a shared passion Rob explains, “Having similar interests and also having space for yourself in what you do is so vital in promoting healthy deeply fulfilling relationships. Myself and Elise are similar in many ways: we both enjoy the teachings of Louise Hay as they had a profound impact during the most difficult times in our lives. We also have our own personal interests which we allow each other to do, this only strengthens the relationship because we respect each other’s likes and actively encourage each other to pursue our individual interests.”

Sharing insights on increasing joy in your life, strengthening relationships and more, Rob and Elise will be hosting a 2-day workshop in Windhoek on the 12th and 13th of November. For more information, click here