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MiLife New Me: Food is My Kryptonite

Zenzi Awases has been on her MILife New Me journey for the past 2 months and we caught up with her to find out how her New Me journey is going.

Here is an extract from her MiLife New Me journal.

“The month of May was not an easy month to be on any fitness journey. I was reminded of the phrase “Fitness is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition”. It’s not been easy. Allow me to reflect.

May marks 2 months of my, MiLife New Me journey. May also coincides with school holidays and school holidays equal travel and travel equals falling off the wagon. There is nothing worse than having children at home crying “Mommy I am bored!”. From the minute my 5-year-old wakes up she says, “Mommy I am bored!”.

The stress of that, coupled with the normal stress at work, prompted me to take some time off from work and literally just chill. Adding farm life and a few days in Swakopmund to the “just chill zone”, should give anyone an indication of why or how I fell off the wagon. I applied the 20 % (maybe 10% of the 20%) exercise rule to the fitness equation but the nutrition part did not go so well.

The irony of it all is that I used these 2 weeks to review my objectives for the year. I created a vision board, a journal, set goals and ate a whole lot of crap. I stuffed my face with any nonsense (yummy nonsense☺) that was available.

When I felt bad enough, I went for long walks on the farm or did Stephan’s Big 5’s as many times as possible. When I would wake up the next morning with the slightest bit of muscle pain, I was satisfied. I would then call my accountability partner, Abby, and ask her what’s happening and almost felt fantastic when she would respond with “keine krag! Maybe next week! Why is it so difficult?”

My debauchery ended when Stephan’s name popped up in my inbox! “What’s happening? When are we exercising again? Love, Stephan”. I started my routine again on the 18th of May and pulled Abby along with me. I remembered how awesome it was to talk to my trainers and how wonderful I felt after a workout. I made a commitment to get back on the nutrition wagon and stay there. It’s still a struggle, but Summer bodies are made in winter!”

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