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The MYD Show – A Mind of My Own with Dunja Berger

To own your thoughts is to take the steering wheel in your life, this is some of what we uncovered as we explored the series on mental emancipation.

In this, the last episode of the series, A Mind of My Own, we speak to Dunja Berger an Integrative Health Coach at Naturally Healthy and co-owner of the Earth Deli.

“The benefits far outweigh your fears of starting something new, regulating what you eat or exercising more. Because you become a lot clearer in your thinking; you have a higher level of awareness; you look younger; you have more vibrancy in your day; you feel better; you are disease free; you have no pain. All of these aspects are what a healthy body is all about. Most people think that pain and little things that keep them back, keep them from thriving is normal but it’s not.”

Here Dunja explains the role nutrition has on our mental wellness as well as the link between stress and digestive tract health problems. Dunja debunks the myths and shares the facts when talking good nutrition today.

“The minute you start looking at what you are doing to yourself and your body and you start changing that, you’ll see the health benefits and the benefits for your mind and the well-being of your mental state. All of these things matter.”

The video of this discussion will be on One Africa Television on Tuesday the 14th November at 8pm.

Take a listen to the MYD Show, A Mind of My Own with Dunja Berger, here :